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Thank you everyone for your kind patronage.

Since 1947, Shinsei Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., has been manufacturing pharmaceuticals in Nara,
and Takatori for four generations.

Currently, the company holds Japan's only [Kampo Solution: Integrated Production Line] which
manufactures a wide variety of OTC pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment for fluids, pills, syrup and jelly products.

Our company also actively proposes new projects for research and development.
Not disregarding the welfare of our staff, our company is committed to contribute to the wellbeing of the
society with excellence and creativity.
Our company's motto is "Spirit of Excellence", "Spirit of Perserverance" and "A Heart of Gratitude".
We also adopt a personal mission to have precise judgement, persistence to develop new products, using
creativity to develop new markets while maintaining high standards and quality products.

Though we are a small company, we endeavour to be a business which is beneficial to the society.

We hope to receive your continuous support for our company. Thank you.

SHINSEI PHARM. INDUST. CO.,LTD Representative Director: Norisuke Kajitani

Bisiness Philosophy
While promoting the material happiness and mental wellness of our employees,  we also use creativity and take effort to contribute to everyone's health.
Company Motto
Willingness to Learn
We use creativity and ample research to challenge ourselves with new goals.
We recognize self-responsibility and the need to move relentlessly forward.
We express our gratitude by contributing to the society.


Office/Factory Location ZIP:635-0103 1269 Shimizutani, Takatori-cho, Takaichi-gun, Nara, Japan. Access Map
TEL:+81-744-52-3330 FAX:+81-744-52-2620
Factory Location ZIP:635-0103 313-1 Shimizutani, Takatori-cho, Takaichi-gun, Nara, Japan. Access Map
TEL:+81-744-52-1260 FAX:+81-744-52-1262
Establishment January 1947
Capital ¥36,000,000
Representative Director Norisuke Kajitani
Businesses R&D・manufacturing(formulation・Packaging)・selling of OTC (General)
Major Trading Partners Ain Pharmaciez Inc / Kaigen Pharma Co., Ltd. / Kracie Pharma, Ltd. / Kowa Company,Ltd / KOBAYASHI Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. / Sato Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd / CEOLIA Pharma Co. Ltd / Zenyaku Kogyo Company, Ltd. / DAIICHI SANKYO HEALTHCARE CO., LTD. / Chukyoiyakuhin Co., Ltd.TSUMURA & CO.TOKIWA Pharmaceutical Co. ,LtdTOA Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd.Nippon Zoki Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.Morishita Jintan Co.,Ltd / Other (in alphabetical order)
Banks Nanto Bank, Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Chukyo Bank, Kyoto Bank, Resona Bank
January, 1947 The name of the company was changed from the former Kajitani Enjudo to the present name when it was incorporated with a capital of 1 million yen.
Keizo Kajitani became the first Representative Director.
October, 1972 Vitamin E Formulation "ALPHAE E" released.
September, 1973 A plant was newly built in the present place.
June, 1979 An extension and reconstruction to the plant was built based on GMP Standard.
October, 1980 The capital was increased to 4 million yen.
October, 1983 The capital was increased to 12 million yen.
September, 1986 Another extension to the plant was built, and a new section for raw herb extraction and the manufacturing line for orally consumed drug were made.
CACONAL-first Kanpo liquid formulation was manufactured.
October, 1986 CACONAL released.
October, 1987 Keizo Kajitani became an Executive.
Yorihisa Kajitani became the Representative Director.
October, 1990 The capital was increased to 36 million Yen.
December, 1994 DRAMACH SP released.
February, 1996 The factory was remodeled based on GMP Standard.
July, 1996 To improve productivity, lines of Raw Herb Extraction, Filling and Wrapping were renewed.
Octber, 2001 CACONAL2 released.
December, 2003 Simultaneously acquired ISO9001/ISO14001
April, 2005 TAKATORI factory was built based on GMP Standard ISO9001/ISO14001, and shifted location, the present place became the office.
April, 2007 Facilities for manufacturing solid drugs were upgraded.
July, 2009 Installed the cartoner for horizontal stick
February,2011 Installed 8 consecutive R-cut packing machine of granulses, Spray dryer, Box-type dryer, 2 consecutive packing machine of Liquid, 1,200L tank.
October, 2015 Installed 2 color granules manufacturing equipment.
November, 2016 Installed pills manufacturing equipment.
February,2017 Installed herbal extract equipment、 extract plant automation equipment.
May, 2017 Executive chairman:Yorihisa Kajitani
Representative Director:Norisuke Kajitani
Access Map

ZIP:635-0103 1269 Shimizutani, Takatori-cho, Takaichi-gun, Nara, Japan.

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ZIP:635-0103 313-1 Shimizutani, Takatori-cho, Takaichi-gun, Nara, Japan.

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  • From Tsubosakayama station (Kintetsu Yoshino Line) → Walk for 15 minutes.
    If not, alight at Shimizutani stop via Nara bus.
  • From Kashiharajingu-mae station (Kintetsu Southern Osaka Line / Kyoto Line) → 15 mintutes by taxi
GMP (Quality / Environmental Policy)
Environmental Protection
Specific Eco-Friendly Methods and Preventive Measures
1. Air Pollution
(LSA)A - a fuel with low sulfur content, is used for burning. Daily management and regular maintenances are also thoroughly done.
In addition, we installed a deodorizing device as an accessory for the spray drying equipment.
2. Water Pollution
Regarding the water purification project used during the manufacturing process, no water is being regenerated as pharmaceutical products do not make use of it.
Regarding other drainage systems, our current faciltiies will lessen the burden of river drainiage.
3. Others
We are continuously improving the management of underground tanks・septic tanks, as well as the prevention of insects within the factory.
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